David Frappiea
David Frappiea is the chef/owner of the Courtside Café nestled within the Chamisal Tennis and Fitness Club.

David, as a child, never thought about cooking. Bicycles and cars were his primary concerns. Music became a major life force during grade school and continued well beyond his car obsessions. Bicycles never left. David’s first job in the food industry was in high school. Making shakes and sub sandwiches at seasonal restaurant during summers in Vermont. The food seed, once planted, never left. There has not been a year since that summer in 1978, as a boy of fifteen, that David has not worked in the food industry. The epiphany finding itself at Crème Carmel as a Vermont boy met California French Cuisine.

Chef David, taking a break from graduate school, first moved to the Monterey Peninsula  in 1988 and began working at Crème Carmel under the guidance of owner Craig Ling. It was from that meeting that Craig and David were to meet again when Mr. Ling took over control of the restaurant at Mission Ranch in 1992. David was hired as the chef and remained in that position until late 2000. Opportunities arose in the desert of Tucson AZ and David accepted various chef positions at Café Terra Cotta, Soleil and Omni Tucson National.

But the Peninsula and the Pacific called, so Chef David and Craig Ling found themselves partnering again to create David’s dream of what a restaurant could be--- Mélange Restaurant in Pacific Grove CA.  Chef David opened the doors of Mélange in May of 2006 with the goal of becoming one of the premier restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula.  Mélange means a mixture of things or ideas and the menu was true to that definition. Chef David describes the cuisine as “world fusion” with the constant being a level of quality and original interpretations that can only be described as Mélange. The founding ideals were to offer the best possible quality in food, flavors, originality and service with an emphasis on creating an environment where people enjoy the best of everything and still feel the warmth of family.

This same level of quality and desire to share only the finest ingredients is also a hallmark of The Courtside Café. What used to be a “snack bar” is now transforming into one of the best kept secrets off highway 68 for quality food and relaxed atmosphere.

The juggling of time for Chef David now includes running marathons, Ironman triathlons, playing music, wife Dorothy, chasing cats around the house and, ---- Courtside Cafe. The energy of exercise, the beauty of art, the expression of love and the playfulness of life are all brought together to be shared by all who desire peace, wine and a hunger for life.
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