Personal Trainers

    • Aria Colby

      Fitness Director 
      With 20 years’ experience in fitness, Aria Colby has the ability to transform your body. She has a variety of certifications including two national certs, Venice Nutrition, R.I.P.P.E.D., Body Pump, GRIT, TRX, U-jam, and Zumba. She has presented at some of the most famous fitness training conferences in California with celebrity trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, and Billy Blanks Jr. to name a few. Her background in dance and martial arts makes her very well rounded. Her skills range from beginning fitness to elite athletic training. She is one of 17 Ripped Master trainers in the US and loves teaching the art of fitness. She is upbeat and very motivating and can’t wait to help you reach your fitness goals.

    • Angie Scarlett 

      Personal Trainer

      National Certifications
      • CPT, AFAA
      • Primary Group Exercise, Outdoor Boot Camp, Sports Nutrition, Yoga Fundamentals I and II, Small Group Training by SCW Education
      • Indoor Cycling by Schwinn
      • Barre None by Leslie Bender
      • Russian Kettlebell Lifting by NCRKA
      • Indo-Row by Water Rower
      • R.I.P.P.E.D. by BFit3
      Wellness is an active process of making choices and commitments that enhance the quality of life and maximize personal potential. The wellness philosophy emphasizes the need for individuals to engage in behaviors that develop optimal health and to support others in their wellness journey. I believe in the six dimensions of wellness model: physical, spiritual, emotional, social / family, occupational and intellectual, that can serve as a guide for individual, group, and community wellness efforts.

      From dance and gymnastics in grade school to soccer, swimming, and track in high school and NCAA Div I crew in college, she developed and ingrained solid fitness habits and safe practices early on that has contributed to her success training athletes. Studies in Biology (BS) and Psychology (minor) have been very useful in personal training. She has spent the years tweaking personal nourishment habits to ideally fit her body, lifestyle and environment. Tying that personal experience in with her continued education in nutrition, she has created practical nutrition plans for various other types of bodies. Personal time in years racing cross-country mountain bikes, running races and serving as an Army officer have all played vital key roles in influencing her style and knowledge as a group and personal coach. Several clients have found success reaching their weight loss and fitness goals in her boot camps, classes and personal training sessions. She has trained children from 8-14 all the way to mature clients in their 90's, fit and first-timers alike. She will find as many interesting venues, mediums and variety of exercise equipment as you welcome and allow, stretching that comfort zone, reaching your goals sooner. She has put everything she has into every group class participant and client to add fun to their drive toward being well and getting the most out of life.
    • Gene Chomko

      Personal Trainer 
      Physical fitness has been my life-long passion. It began as a young teenager and continued through 30 years of military service. As I got older, I learned that a little exercise every day is better than a whole lot on the weekend. I’ve also learned that physical ailments or periodic setbacks are no reason to stop exercising. After suffering several setbacks myself, such as a five-way bypass operation, the insertion of a pacemaker, and stents in my right carotid artery, I have modified my workout routine considerably.

      Slow down, modify your workout, but don’t stop exercising.

      My motto in these so-called “golden years” has been, “The older we become, the greater are the benefits from exercise.”
    • Katie is an ACE certified personal trainer and has been working as a trainer for the past 5 years. She has been passionate about health and fitness most of her life, starting with playing sports such as basketball, softball, water polo, and running track. She has trained people of all ages and fitness levels including a professional level athlete. She can provide the knowledge, motivation, and accountability that will support you in reaching your goals.
      Availability: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings
    • My name is Sierra Alvarez. I am a certified Personal Trainer of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM follows the Optimum Performance Model for success, beginning with stabilization and progressing to strength and power. I am also a certified instructor of Jillian Michael’s Body Shred and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. Over the years, I have discovered the many benefits personal training has to offer. I am confident in my ability to train people of all ages and fitness levels, and I can help individuals tone and build muscle, lose weight, reach personal fitness goals, and improve overall health and well-being. My knowledge of exercise continues to grow every day from studying Health and Exercise Science as my major at the University of the Pacific. I attended SCW Fitness Mania in 2014 where I was introduced to an exciting new world of fitness and Group X. Fitness is my passion and I look forward to sharing what I know and teaching others the importance of a healthy lifestyle.